Roger A. Scheck: Nobody Loves Alice
Carabou took on Nobody Loves Alice from preproduction to distribution. Carabou does everything in producing she even found me distribution.  They handle everything from Breakdown to finding distributors.  My first meeting with Carabou was great. From the pitch of the project she was just as excited as I was.  My experience with Carabou was very pleasant and incredibly professional.  Nobody Loves Alice would still be a script on paper if it hadn’t been for Carabou’s professional and thorough production knowledge.  Without help from Carabou Productions my film would still be without distribution.  I have several projects in development with Carabou Productions and will only work with Carabou if it’s up to me.  Without a doubt Carabou exceeded its mission statement. All companies should strive to conduct business like Carabou Productions.  In one word I would say that Carabou Productions is just plain “necessary” for any independent filmmaker.
Roger A. Scheck
Nobody Loves Alice
Monday, December 1, 2008