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Carabou Productions offers its clients assistance in detailed preproduction for upcoming projects. Carabou will help relieve the stress of creating preliminary schedules, budgets and business plans with professional presentations that will create ease for you and your investors. Carabou can also help you out as your producer. Make your  dream project a reality and Carabou will see your film through to the finish product.

Our company provides the most detailed oriented schedules for your project’s convenience.  Even though our schedules are the preliminary schedule for your project and understand that it will most definitely change as you get closer to production, we do the tedious part of scheduling for you.
A detailed schedule is the first step to a good locked in budget.  Taking the breakdown from the schedule helps determine the exact amount your project will cost.  Not the estimated amount but a budget that is realistic and easy to stick to causing you as little stress as possible in production.  
Carabou Productions provides detailed, professional and refined business plans using techniques that make the words jump off the page and attract the interest of your potential investors.
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