Business Plans
Carabou Productions provides detailed, professional and refined business plans using techniques that make the words jump off the page and attract the interest of your potential investors. One of our unique tools is the use of creative fonts for the title of your film in addition to traditional fonts for the remainder of the document that compliment the creative content of your project.  We add colorful headings for each section as well as graphs and charts to make the exposition more visual and less mundane.
Some sections included in our business plan templates are:
Executive Summary – Which states the purpose of your film/project, by what marketing means it will be successful, even breaking down possible units to be sold to investors to meet the proposed budget.
The Project – Lays out the Genre, Style, Written by, Logline, & the Synopsis, introducing the project in the simplest form.
The Vision – States why this project is a unique idea, different, why it will draw an audience, speaks of the unique characters in the script, and the stylistic manner the project will inhibit.
The Production – Includes Number of days of production, Month/Year to be shot, Unions involved, Length of work day, Format to be shot on, How long the script is, Size of crew & cast on an average day, Cities/States to be shot in, Tax benefits if any & Total Budget Number.
The Industry – States the status of the Industry your project falls under (Indie Film, TV, Web, HBO/Showtime, TV Movie, Major Studio).
The Market – Discusses the Target Audience, Genre, Comparable Projects and their success, Where you fit in the market, & the Advertising best suited for your project.
Distribution Strategy – Talks about the Studios that are most interested in your type of project, What film festivals most interested in your genre, Which distribution outlets are best for you such as DVD, TV, Theatrical Release, OnDemand, Video Games, Soundtrack, Merchandise, & of course the Web.
**While we offer elaborate Business Plans to help with investors, we do smaller Business Plans, we call Pitches.  These documents are minus The Production, Industry, Market, & Distribution Pages, and focus solely on the script.  Pitches are meant for selling the script to a studio or Producer from you the writer.




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