A detailed schedule is the first step to a good locked in budget.  Taking the breakdown from the schedule helps determine the exact amount your project will cost.  Not the estimated amount but a budget that is realistic and easy to stick to causing you as little stress as possible in production.  We will also give you a budget that works for your project but will also help find you investors quickly.  The higher the budget the long it takes to get the project made, but the lower the budget the more stress is caused during the production.  Our company meets you in the middle and gives you the best budget to help make your project a timely reality.
Range of Budgets Carabou Has Done: $68,000 (Pilot Sitcom) to $3 Million (Indie Thriller)

The Budget Package
•    Critical Assumptions Page (Detailing the specific basis of your Budget)
•    Topsheet
ϖ    Grand Totals for all categories Above the Line &      Below the line
ϖ    This item is usually included in the business plan to summarize the budget for investors.
•    Full Detailed Budget (Based on Breakdown & Actual called in #’s)
ϖ    Budgeters will call possible vendors to get an estimate for many of the budget costs.
•    Fringes’ Summary (Any SAG/WGA/DGA/IATSE/ Pension/Welfare Percentages & Tax Rate Percentage)



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